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fallingcolin [userpic]
Note To Self: Learn To Spell

February 15th

So my week off really wasn' t my idea...
The commander of our brigade called me up, my suspension has been lifted. The day I get back, I'll be scraping gum off of President Shinra's floor. Apparently, the long walk from the staircase to his desk is enough to convince the bigwigs to spit out their gum wherever they please.
Please, I'm a military force to be reckoned with, not some pansy with a scraper. These kind of jobs are exactly what's wrong with Shinra Inc. Stepping on the little guy again. They could, Ifrit forbid, hire a janitor to do that. I think the headquarters has about fifty of them. I think they like making me to meandering, mundane crap just to lower my self esteem enough so that I know my place, I have been a little vocal about my discontent lately, I know it's made me a few enemies in my room. Whatever, I'll be around long after they're all dead. On some new battlefield (like Wutai has a fighting chance anymore -- yeah right!)
Seriously, though, it is a pretty long walk between the staircase and Shinra's desk. I know, I've walked it. I was almost out of breath by the time I made it, I was escorting Veld up to speak with the president on... but I digress, the point is, why is the 70th floor of the Shinra Headquarters devoted solely to a desk and some marble floor, and pearl and ivory pillars. What a useless floor, it's just a monument to Shinra's power, a trophy of pachyderm genocide...
Now that I've gotten than off my chest, I'll do it with a little less fuss. These online blogs are somewhat theraputic, maybe a change in my life is about to ensue...?
Naw, I just got laid tonight. That afterglow of tension release is still floating around. No need to put this on a pedestal.


.................I hope it was with your wife.

What did you get punished for?

...I might have sort of called the chief "levrikon-fodder."