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fallingcolin [userpic]

"Did we... lose our memories?" my wife says to me. What kind of question is that? What is it supposed to mean?
What do memories matter anyway, I wish I could forget everything, my years in that stinking church with those stinking flowers, my terrible squad mates. Sephiroth. Zack. President ShitRa and his dorky son.
I wish I could... lose my memories.


I don't think you'd be happy if you lost your memories. You'd be confused.

...Why would you want to forget Zack?

Ehhh you're all right. It's that wad Cloud I'd like to forget about.
Mostly, I'd like to forget getting punched by a stranger today. Some guy behind me took a picture, then sold it to me for a hundred gil. I made it my icon.
Why did I buy that picture...?
Yeah yeah, I know. "Always look on the bright side."

.......Thanks. Always good to know how much you hate me.

You were punched by some stranger? Why didn't you hit him back? That seems a bit cruel, even though you probably had it coming.

This is Cloud? Shit, I thought I was talking to Zack. Why do you two have to be so goddamn alike?! Try getting some less ambiguous userpics.

And I didn't have it coming, it was some guy ranting and raving about some stream or something. I cocked my gun and told him he was being a public disturbance and he outright punched me! I called for backup and the guy was arrested, but don't you think it was a little odd how the photographer was right there to photograph it?
He said he needed a hundred gil for the trip home to Nibelheim, isn't that where you're from? I hear that they don't have many cameras outside of Midgar, so the guy must be loaded. And from that, I can assume you've never met him.

That wasn't ambiguous. I have blond hair. He doesn't. And we're not very alike. If we were, I'd be in SOLDIER already. I wish I was like him.

People from Nibelheim aren't that cruel...actually, I take that back. They can be nasty sons of bitches when they feel like picking on someone.

...Are you implying that I'm poor?

Well, don't give up hope yet. One day, I'm sure you'll be like him.
...wait, did I just say something nice?!
Uh... you're poor haha.

You wish you could forget me? Why, Colin, that almost sounds like something out of that movie about gay cowboys on a mountain! Darling, I didn't know you cared. ♥ I wish I could quit you, too.

... All kidding aside, if you have a problem with the way that things are run here, you could always take it up with a superior. Heck, you could talk to me, and I can try and relay it over to Sephiroth for you.

By the way? I can tell that you're pissed right now, but the church, and the flowers that a lady very close to my heart grow in it, do not stink.

Darling, women need attention. When you go back home- at least pretend to care. Either that, or you're better off leaving her.