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April 2007
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fallingcolin [userpic]

February 20th

Scraped gum off Shinra's floor two days ago, uneventful.

Security at Shinra HQ continues to weaken. I think I've finally formed something of a friendship with one of my coworkers, he's a security guard who watches the monitors, a boring meneal job, which is why we get along. Also, because he's taken to napping at work, so when I visit him we don't have to communicate much. It's mostly just us being alone together - him asleep, and me in the sweet escape from military duties, which usually involve training with the likes of Cloud and Zack.
Just got a buzz, my commander wants me to... what? Oh goddamnit, of all the things to ask me to do...


You think training with me is sweet? Aww, how... gay nice of you. (Unless you meant that you had to escape from training with me, in which case... oi. At least give a man a chance to feign indignity first, won't you?)

Hey, don't leave us hanging! What does your commander want you to do?

Kitty litter. He wants me to clean kitty litter.

He... what? That sounds like he's just taking advantage of his rank. Hmm. Maybe I should do that too. My boots are pretty muddy-- no, Zack. Remember: ethics. Have you tried telling him that you're a trooper, not a maid?

What does he want you to do?

I'm going up to Tuesti's office to empty his litter boxes.

...Okay. Don't expect me to help you.

Could you please explain what 'weakening security' means to you?

Well, the guy watching the security cameras seems to be asleep at the wheel more often than not.

Heads will fall in that department first than.