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fallingcolin [userpic]

note to self: fix low self-esteem.


... This wouldn't have anything to do with that puppy, would it? 'Cause I was just teasing you. I didn't mean anything by it.

No. Your... pension for... "cute" things has nothing to with this particular musing.

You make me wonder who hires soldiers, you know?

Thanks, Ms. Scarlet.

My dear,soldiers can't have low self-esteem. It affects their performance on the field, and as guards. Do you need extra training? We are organizing classes and field practice for new adepts, and there are still vacancies, so we can fit a few of the older soldiers if they want to refresh their memory or learn some new things. It's already paid for a certain number of people, and there is money going to waste anyway.
What do you say?

Actually, maybe some more training can help with my confidence. Maybe it's being at the bottom of the barrel that is gnawing at my sense of self-worth. I'd like to go to the next level! I'm young(ish), motivated and ready. Sign me up.