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fallingcolin [userpic]
Goblin Bar

February 13th

I hate late winter, it's almost as bad as early spring. And it keeps getting worse like that until we're back to late winter again, and it always seems worse every time I encounter it.
There's this place in Sector 8 called the Goblin Bar, it has crap food but it's open twenty four hours a day and for twelve gil, you get all you can eat food.
I took Christina in there for our anniversary, because well you know how she loves to eat. I met this young woman named Rhonda who apparently has been sitting in there for like five years. You'd think they would have rules about that sort of thing. 
So as you might have guessed, I'm taking this week off from living in the Shinra training centre. My roommates and I get along about as well as a levrikon and an irate tonberry, and besides, being sick in love counts as sick leave, doesn't it? Staying with Christina's parents for a week is enough to make anyone sick. As soon as I get into SOLDIER, after all my long years of training, well, then we'll move somewhere nice, one of those really posh houses at the north end of Sector 7, right by the theatre district of Sector 8.
I had a strange craving for hedgehog pie today, which I haven't had in over a decade. My ugly, fat body just needs some raw meat, I guess. Still got a little church gremlin still in this useless body of mine.
Nothing much else to update. I was sent to investigate some slumling who is illegally importing flowers or something and selling them for a hundred gil. I'll look into it tomorrow, if I can get off my fat ass. Don't know why they're still sending me out on these nothing missions when I'm on leave. Nothing's on the telly anyway. Colin out.

Current Location: Sector 7

Winter isn't so bad. Get yourself another blanket...and don't bother asking for mine.

I talked to a woman who was selling flowers. She's crazy.

I've got all the blankets I need inside of my skin, if you know what I mean.
It's not the cold I hate, it's the craptastic festival names they have going on right now. In Sector 3, they're having this thing called Winterruption.
WINTERRUPTION?! What kind of meathead decided he was bard enough to come up with a terrible name like that.
I hear on the West Continent, they're having a music festival called "Costa Del Snow." I guess they didn't get the memo that IT NEVER F@$#ING SNOWS IN COSTA DEL SOL!
Flowers aren't hard to come by, even growing up in the slums I used to see a fair share of them. You should drop by Sector 5 sometime if you want to keep doing my work for me. Just don't expect to be promoted for it.

In your skin? Ugh. I didn't need to know that.

Winterruption and Costa Del Snow, huh. We had festivals like that in Nibelheim, too. Maybe I'm just used to it, but I don't think it's that bad.

You never know. Someone might notice that I'm doing extra work, and they might appreciate it.

I hope you aren't referring to my flowers, sir. I didn't get them illegally.

Maybe you can help me with figuring out the going rate for street peddlers! Is there a price war for an apparently extinct form of life? Maybe it's a seller's market, what with the overabundance of flowers on the top plate. Yeah, right.
Stop wasting my time.

Well, pardon me for having a decent job. Maybe you should buy some; the flowers have a wonderful calming effect on most people.

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