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April 2007
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fallingcolin [userpic]

Took Christina to see this play called Loveless. I'm not entirely sure why I thought it would be a good idea. I didn't expect the play to be so... depressing. It was about slumlings, or something. I'm not a play critic. The themes are love, the nature of evil and stuff, I think. There was a botched rebel uprising, some heavy topics. This guy beside us was snoring, Christina's cousin or something.
My point is that it wasn't exactly an aphrodesiac performance. It didn't quite put Christina in the mood. It's just... it's my week off work, and I haven't been... satisfied yet, you know?
It's just frustrating, it's tough enough being in the army as it is, with all the testosterone flying around. When I get home, I have all this pent up... frustration, you know? And everyday, she's been finding an excuse not to act as husband and wife should. The other day it was that girl in the Goblin Bar who weirded her out. The day after that, it was the fight with her parents.
I spend more time on the couch than I do in bed with her. It's like they just adopted me all over again.


Is it that bad for you to just spend time with her without being in bed together?

You'll understand when you're a man.

I resent that. I can understand now, too. I'm not a little kid. It's just a stupid reason to be upset with her.