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Shinra Account #7422479

Colin Highwind, Military Policeman

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This is a character RP Journal for the RPG "Drop and Give Me 69." Biography follows suite:

Colin was born in the slums of Sector 5 thirty years ago. "Big Bro", a man of twenty at that time, was experimenting with women when he came across a rather humble woman in Sector 5 who had a pension for looking down often. Due to this, she soon noticed his impressive squatting abilities and they bore a child named Colin. He and his mother were abandoned by "Big Bro" and Colin was ill-fed and nearly died of malnutrition when his mother was mugged and killed by slumling rastabouts. Colin survived eating hedgehog pies in a nearby church for two years, and became known as "The Church Gremlin." to slumling children. At the age of seven, he left the fruitless church and stowed away on a train headed for the upper plate. Upon seeing the pollution storm swirling above Midgar, he vowed to someday soar up with the clouds. Colin enlisted to join Midgar's armed forces, for which he was denied. Being distraught, he wandered the upper plate until a wealthy family took him in on the condition that he become betrothed to their uncomely daughter Christina. After fifteen years living with them, he eventually fell in love and married Christina. He once again enlisted for Midgar's armed forces, and became a Shinra MP. Still having never been in a plane, he is sent on menial tasks throughout the world at President Shinra's whim.

These are Colin's Pen&Paper statistics:

Colin Highwind
Level 1 MP
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Birthdate: August 14th
Blood Type: O
HP: 35
MP: 0
Weapon of choice: Semi-automatic Shinra rifle
Secondary Weapon: Baton (Night Stick)
Materia: None
christina, flying, korean bbq plate, shooting things, tea, whisky